#ToiletThink | Sieropositivo

A social campaign made for make women think (in the toilet).

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According to recent HIV statistics, the 78,8% of HIV transmissions are related to unprotected intercourses. And the percentage is constantly growing amongst italian women. That’s why sieropositivo.it, an online non profit organisation which provides digital services such as psychological and medical support to people affected by HIV, wanted to tell italian women to protect themselves when they have sex.


Making women think about one simple and well-known insight:
when women use public toilets, they use countless precautions to protect themselves against curable infections.
What about when they have sex?


To guide women to this message we created a special QRcode toilet paper and to reach out many women we acted on Woman’s day (8th March). We transformed into media the toilets of all of the clubs in Milan, that organized parties dedicated to the female target.

YEAR / 2013

ADCI AWARDS 2013: 1 Bronze / Social Campaign
Ambient Media
ADCI AWARDS 2013: 1 Shortlist / Social Campaign
Classic Media, Film


Agency: TBWA\ Italy
Client: Sieropositivo
Executive Creative Director: Nicola Lampugnani, Francesco Guerrera
Creative Director: Gina Ridenti, Hugo Gallardo
Creatives: Federica Facchini, Mattia Montanari, Valentina Barone, Matteo Grandese
Digital Creative Director: Michele La Fiandra
Project Manager: Raffaella Garzitto
Producer: Federico Fornasari
Digital PR: Fleishman Hillard
Production Company: The Family
Director: Luca Lucini
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When you use a public toilet do you worry
about infections? And what about sex?