What I do
when I’m not working.


When I started studying advertising, I heard two voices in my head: the one telling me that it was my path,
and the other that wanted me to go on with my passion for music.
Luckily, I managed to listen to both of them. While I decided to go ahead with my communication studies, I kept my first passion with me.
In 2011 I’ve started my parallel journey as a DJ.

VICE x EVA | Duo

The first of August 2020 I met my husband, Vice Luna: a Mexican soul that became very soon my beloved partner in music,
artistic projects and of course my everyday muse. VICE x EVA is a mix of things and inspirations, but first of all it’s the result of our strong connection.


The reason why I love to coming back home (besides seeing my family) is because colors in Puglia are so brighter, crispier:
they can really make you feel surrounded by fresh and energetic air. I love collecting them from special locations, Southern traditions and…
typical food – a thing that you can never refuse!