Ultra Resistant | Handy Bag

The spot for the family-proof garbage bag.

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Handy Bag is the 1st French brand of garbage bags.
They pitched us for the launch of a new special bag The Ultra Resistant, asking for a communication platform and we won with our idea of a 20″ spot with cuts.


Everyone throws things in the garbage yet no one throws the same ones and usually some things are very likely to damage the bag.
We arrived to say that the new Ultra Resistant bag by Handy Bag is family-proof for all the plus it has in one. The material of which it is composed is designed specifically to be very resistant with a new technology ultra-protection.


The challenging part on this project was to find the good things that were good to show in a commercial and that are allowed to be trashed in the “wet” garbage bag.
Many things are made in different recyclable material and many others were not so correct to show the resistance of the bag and at the same time to tell a plausible story for the family.

YEAR / 2019
COUNTRY / France

Agency: Herezie Paris
Client: Handy Bag
President / Founder: Andrea Stillacci
Copywriter: Ellynore Attia
Production Company: Players
Directors: Philippe Joubert
Post Production & Animation: Firm Studio
Music: Eraldo Bernocchi
Ultra Resistant | Handy Bag - FE Work HBag 01
Ultra Resistant | Handy Bag - FE Work HBag 02
Ultra Resistant | Handy Bag - FE Work HBag 03
Ultra Resistant | Handy Bag - FE Work HBag 04

FR | Résiste au quotidien.
ENG | Daily life resistant.