FE | Launch

A strategical launch of my new freelance position.

#advertising #logo design #visual identity


After more than 10 years in advertising agencies, I’ve decided in January 2020 to be a solopreneur freelance.
I need a logo and a distinctive idea to launch my independent business unit.


Since I was young my parents and my friends used to call me shortly ‘Fe’ so I’ve decided to keep it. The text FE is compes with a modular graphic sign made with a classic and timeless font (Helvetica) in capital letters with some little customization.
The big dot on top has the perfect size to contain the text FE, but it’s full of a colored bright gradient. Every color is inspired by joyful, funny, energetic things that express myself.


Since I was ready at the beginning of 2020, I thought to reach my target through my best wishes for the new year coming through a campaign made only by direct mail with a special and unique messages.
10 different subjects were sent to all my contacts all over the world (clients, agencies, creative directors and collaborators) on January the 7th at the same time.
6 subjects of 10 were been online on the same day in the newsletter of Youmark, an Italian online magazine about marketing media communication that everyday sends news in real time.

YEAR / 2020


FE | Launch - FE Work FE Design Tavola disegno 1 1
FE | Launch - FE Work FE Design 04
FE | Launch - FE Work FE Design 03
FE | Launch - FE Work FE Design 05
FE | Launch - FE Work FE Design 06 scaled

Every line is meant to get a reaction
from the person who reads it and to communicate them
I am “what they need” in 2020.

FE | Launch - FE Work FE scaled
FE | Launch - FE Work 01
FE | Launch - FE Work FE 02
FE | Launch - FE Work FE 03 scaled

Contact me if you wanna know more.