Ector The Protector Bear | Roche

The teddy bear against smoke.

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In Italy 52% of children are regularly exposed to passive smoking.
Source: World Health Organization


On World No Tobacco Day, Roche presented an anti-smoking awareness campaign introducing the first toy that protects children from smoke: Ector The Protector Bear.
Thanks to an internal detector connected to an audio device, Ector coughs when exposed to cigarette smoke. In this way Ector discourages smokers, notifies parents and educates children to stay away from smoke.
Ector has two modes of use: INDOOR for a closed environment and OUTDOOR for open-air situations. The two modes differ in the ability to detect the presence of smoke close to the teddy bear and the volume of its coughing.


We developed this special technology thanks to The FabLab and the design with the famous Italian peluche brand Trudi. Ector was available on the direct website and people were able to book it as a gift.
After that, Ector switched soon into a petition on and last step: he arrived at the European Parliament with his powerful cough to discuss the problem of passive smoke and push the government to take an action.

YEAR / 2017

EUROBEST 2018: 1 Shortlist / Healthcare
Cat. Brand-led Education & Awareness

CANNES LIONS 2018: 1 Shortlist / Health & Wellness Lions
Cat. Brand-led Education & Awareness – Use of Technology

NC DIGITAL AWARDS 2018: 1 Gold / Product Site

Disruption Innovation Honorary Award

Best Product Innovation in Health

ADCI AWARDS 2017: 1 Silver / Direct & PR
Classic Media

ADCI AWARDS 2017: 1 Silver / Cyber
Innovative and creative use of technology

ADCI AWARDS 2017: 1 Bronze / Promo & Activation
Digital and Social Media


Client: Roche
Integer CEO: Simone De Martini
Chief Creative Officer: Nicola Lampugnani
Digital Creative Director: Jack Blanga
Creative Director: Mirco Pagano
Creative Supervisor: Federica Facchini
Creatives: Federica Facchini, Andrea Pinca, Giulia Trimarchi, Luana Contu, Omar Mootamari
Team: Vaida Kentraite, Gianluca Cappiello, Barbara Trivella, Fabio Bellifemmine, Fabio Allemagna, Antonello Filosa, Silvia Congiu
Digital PR: Fleishman Hillard
Peluche company: Trudi Italy
Engineering technology: Fablab
Production Company: The BigMama
Directors: Nico Malaspina, Gianpaolo Gelati
3D Studio: Monkey Talkie
Photography / CGI: Cirasa Studio
Music: Alessandro Branca
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Seriously damages smoke.
<cough cough> Ector The Protector Bear